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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

In Therra Body Relief we believe it is our responsibility to help people better understand what is Massage and all it can do to make their lives, happier, healthier, easier.

We live in a busy world full of responsibilities and in order to have better control of it we need to take care of the most important thing, our health.

On these days still, many people don't know what Massage means, there are some questions we want to answer if you want to have a massage.

How much a Massage Therapy cost?

The average rate of a Massage Therapy session goes from 70 CAD to 130 CAD, all depends on the kind of massage you are looking for or the one that was prescribed or recommended.

In some cases, your insurance provider will cover part of the treatment or the whole treatment.

The first time that you want to book a massage be sure that your Massage Therapist accepts the payment through the direct billing process.

What is an Orthopedic Assessment with my Massage Therapist?

The Orthopedic Assessment is part of the initial intake process that your Massage Therapist needs to evaluate your body in order to know what kind of treatment you need.

This will be focused on your tissues, joints, and range of motion that you have.

Which kind of clothes do I need to wear? Will I be naked?

It is important that you talk with your therapist, let her know which are the areas do you want to avoid and which ones you want to work. Communication is the basic tool to make your treatment always comfortable. Remember you are on control all the time, your therapist will only expose the parts of your body you want to work.

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

* Relaxation

* Injury recovery

* Pain Reduction

* Improves the work of your body

* Helps with migraines, digestion, insomnia, depression, anxiety and much more !!

Can I have a parallel treatment with my Physiotherapist and Chiropractor?

Absolutely, Therra Body

Relief works with more professionals as a part of the team in order to bring wellness to your life. What a big opportunity to help you more!

Why is it hard to find a Massage Therapist I can trust?

There are some Massage Therapist Associations and the City Government regulating and licensing Therapists in order to ensure privacy, professionalism, safety. We as part of Therra Relief are part of the CRMTA and we work diligently to keep the privacy policy that Alberta Health has indicated.

Can I File a complaint against a Massage Therapist?

Yes, you can and is your right, if you experience legal or unethical misconduct during a massage session. Be sure to contact the Massage Association your Therapist is part of.

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